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Master Degree in Taxation

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To train professional human resource specialized in tax, capable of interpreting the overall taxation system in our country as well as internationally matter. Promote research in the field of tax law and accounting management.

Graduate Profile

Know the business tax environment of organizations for proper compliance with tax provisions; properly plan compliance with tax rules of the organization with a professional development.

Apply the legal regulations in the field of contributions in the entities management of any kind.

Negotiation skills, counseling skills, numerical ability, planning capacity, analytical skills, sense of order and interpretation ability.

Teamwork availability, dynamism, responsibility, commitment, moral integrity, critically and reflectively approaches to social problems.

Academic admission & graduate requirements

Title related to the professional area.

Public Accountant

Law Degree

Work experience of at least two years, essentially in the fiscal area, preferably performing professionally in it.

Undergraduate studies curricula.

Birth certificate.

Curriculum Vitae.

Application for admission.

Two recent photographs.

Requirements for the master degree

Accredit the 16 subjects of the program with minimum average of 80.

Thesis Prepared according to the regulations of the Graduate.

Degree examination.

Research areas

Application of tax provisions.

Norms on the taxation provisions

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