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Master degree in Marketing

Fecha de actualización: 2014-08-04 13:39:50

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Transform executives in Marketing professionals who have an important leadership, innovation, business diagnosis and adaptation to the environment of the company; able to apply the knowledge required for the integral solution of organizational development in a global context and long-term vision.

With the capacity to conduct research and market analysis at regional, national and international levels; contributing to the competitive development of this country.

Graduate Profile

The marketing executive will be able to:

Identify and analyze the different areas of opportunity in the environment.

Understand and manage various market related tools in order to satisfy their customers, also being in a position to provide utility and value to the company.

Occupy positions of higher hierarchical level within a public or private organization, because it has the theoretical and practical for the administrative support highly demanded in corporations today.

Contribute to the development of the organization offering quality and customer satisfaction, and in this way make a positive difference between your organization toward the desired future, in combination with the other areas of the company.

Develop the ability to research and design, in order to create and identify niche markets.

Responding and adapting to the continuous changes in the competitive environment, constantly relying on the internal and external customers with continuous innovations.