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Master Degree in Auditing

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Train masters in audit, participating in organizations or as independent directors to evaluate and comment on the reasonableness of information, the fulfillment of its objectives and current regulations and the efficient use of resources to support survival and development of organizations, through the innovation, development and improvement of the measurement processes, information and control them.

Entry Requirements

Candidate must possess a Degree in Accounting or related careers practicing in the practice of auditing.

Admission profile

Possess the ability to problem analysis and decision-making, be committed to excellence in their work, constant improvement and enhance their culture, you must be a creative person, with knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of ​​Audit.

Graduate Profile

Graduates in the Master in Auditing:

Apply assessment models both financial information in organizations and their resources, acting either independently or as a manager, it shall deliver its opinion on the results of the models applied in accordance with professional standards in force, proposed by their research in methodologically innovative models for the study, implementation and evaluation of any organization, will be able to share their experiences with other professionals interested in this specific area of knowledge.

Possess a professional, solid and mature judgment, to judge the procedures to be followed and to estimate the results. Shall exercise reasonable care and diligence in the examination and in the preparation of its opinion or report and maintain an attitude of independence of mind in all the matters relating to their professional work. It will be able to relate to the management and staff operating of the companies, through the organization of interdisciplinary teams. The skills mentioned shall apply them according to both the rules of professional ethics and personal values, with a commitment to serve society.

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