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Master degree in Information Systems (online)

Online Graduate studies information: fcamaestria@uach.mx

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The Master in Information Systems positions the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, as an educational institution at the forefront of the training of professionals with high level of expertise in the management of information technologies applied to organizations.


The Master of Information Systems form specialized professionals and researchers in the application of information technologies to increase the competitiveness of organizations.


Form professional human resources capable to understand, design, implement and manage the mechanisms of handling and processing information necessary in the modern organizations. The area of ​​knowledge systems is one of the most dynamic, so research training to master the necessary steps to ensure that plans and programs are offered at the forefront methodologies is indispensable. And thus strengthen teaching in the master's program.

Graduate Profile

Analyze, design, develop, evaluate and monitor an information and / or computer system that is responsible.

Conduct feasibility studies and optimize the implementation of new information technologies, monitoring the proper implementation of these and manage the operation as a tool for enterprise competitiveness.

Discern and decide on the most appropriate information technologies, according to the needs and budget of the organization.

Have a vision of the technologies provided within a corporate context.

Know the main political and legal aspects of organizational, national and international nature relating to computer technology.

Work on the basis of a methodology for specific projects and goals.

Manage groups, conduct interdisciplinary work, have balance in the negotiations and manage risks and organizational impact.

Know the methods for analysis, design and evaluation of information systems.

Promote using communication techniques, new projects to members of the organization.

Lead information systems projects, using the latest technology.

Research Lines

Support of new information technologies to increase the competitiveness of companies. Diagnose the organizational impact of information systems.

Use and operation of the different types of information systems.

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