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Master degree in Administration (online)

Online Graduate studies information: fcamaestria@uach.mx

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Transform professionals in Executive Directors who have significant leadership, innovation, business diagnosis and adaptation to the environment of the company, able to interact with the holders of other areas of the organization to define the direction to be taken of the company in a global and ever-changing world culture and technology, achieving the full and harmonious development of the organization.

Graduate Profile

Occupy positions of higher hierarchical level within a public or private organization, because it has the theoretical and practical for the administrative support highly demanded in corporations today.

Master the skills that lead to plan the future of the company to efficiently use the available resources.

Understand and manage the various administrative tools in order to resolve the needs and problems of the organization.

Discover in daily life, business opportunities and undertake with initiative, tenacity and the effort required to define and achieve the objectives of the organization.

Have the ability to respond and adapt to the continuous changes in the competitive environment, analyzing and evaluating the organizational environment in which the company operates.

Develop skills and attitudes that lead you to be a leader within the organization.

Handle various administrative tools for decision making.

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