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Master degree on Free Software (online)

Online Graduate studies information: fcamaestria@uach.mx

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We form masters in Free Software in order to be professionals and researchers specialized in developing, implementing and managing technology resources in organizations providing them with the tools of technological innovation through the study of free software.


Position the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, as an educational institution at the forefront of the training of professionals in the context of the study of free software capable to develop, implement and manage technology the organizations resources in an optimal manner.


Generate professionals, able to create, develop, implement and manage technology projects based on free software information. Increase and promote the use and implementation of free software in Mexico, contributing to technological and economic development.

Ideal student profile

An applicant to enter the educational program of the Master on Free Software should be a professional related to computing and information technology or a professional with a desire to deepen the knowledge of this professional field, must be a person with knowledge and skills in this area; creative, with the ability to analyze problems and make decisions, you must have aptitude for research and teaching, teamwork, and ethical commitment to the profession.

Graduate Profile

The Master on Free Software will be able to:

Create and efficiently manage free software projects using technical, administrative, financial, economic and legal knowledge that the graduate has acquired.

Generate technological innovation, by mastering open technologies, using the most advanced methodologies and collaborative development.

Manage and maintain systems based on free software operating systems.

Configure and manage network services and free environments, allowing as well interoperability with other environments.

Understand and exploit the most advanced tools of information technology, such as virtualization, clusters, cloud computing and thin clients, among others.

Develop software projects with tools and free software resources, using the most advanced development methodologies, which efficiently manage team work, both locally and remotely.

Know and apply the most important aspects of computer security technology based on free software.

Understand and correctly apply the law and the use of free software aspects.

The project is primarily aimed at:

IT Project Managers

Software Developers

Computer Systems Administrators

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