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Master degree in Public Administration (online)

Online Graduate studies information: fcamaestria@uach.mx

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The Master in Public Administration is created in the Faculty of Accountant and Administration and has as its central purpose the training and updating of public administrators capable of performing in positions of the highest responsibility. The program emphasizes the development of technical management skills as well as developing strong analytical competence in both organizational and public policies. The Faculty of Accounting and Administration through its Secretary of Research and Graduate Studies offers students an environment program of high academic and strictly based on the quality of its faculty, on the strength of the study program and operation of demanding processes, objective and transparent assessment.

The analytical and technical strictly combined with the possibilities to intervene in practical studies of strategic issues of discipline and the government sector, make this a very attractive program for people interested in making a difference, both in practice and in the discipline of public administration.

Academic degree

Master in Public Administration


Political and Social Studies.

State institutions and political processes.

Political actors, processes and social movements.

Culture, society and politics.

Government and Public Affairs.

Institutions, levels of government and political processes.

Administration and management of the public sector.

Public Policy.

Communication and technological innovations.

Political Communication and Public Opinion.

Communication and culture.


The overall objective of the master's degree is to train with a comprehensive, rigorous and solid academic background in the social sciences, enabling them to:

1. Consolidate the theoretical and methodological training of research to improve professional training to update their knowledge in their area of ​​work, contribute and improve the processes of the institution in which it plays the workforce or continue their studies at the doctoral level.

2. The student of this expertise is supported not only to understand and apply the techniques of the art analysis and design of public policies, but is also driven to develop skills and attitudes of leadership and innovation in professional practice. Students face both theoretical and technical courses as practical guidance focused on case studies, simulation models of strategic decisions, interventions and professional practices courses in government agencies.

3. Develop studies and research projects both academic and professional section, and:

4. Practice a high level of mastery of knowledge and skills of their own area.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor's degree in any of the disciplines of economic-administrative, social sciences or humanities. The exceptions relative to the bachelor's degree in history these areas will be resolved by the secretary of Research and Graduate Studies who will evaluate the applicant's academic record and his affinity with the program objectives.

Transcript of grades of undergraduate studies. Minimum grade average of 8.0. or equivalent on other scales.


Submit a research proposal in a maximum of five pages to include the topic, rationale, objectives, research questions and data sources to consult.

Letter of Intention highlighting the applicant's academic interests.

Sustain an income interview with student services area of the secretary of Research and Graduate Studies.

Receive opinion of approving academic proficiency granted by the secretary of Research and Graduate Studies.

Permanency requirements

Hold onto the deadlines set by study plan. Only in exceptional cases and with the favorable recommendation of the tutor, the secretary of Research and Graduate Studies may authorize the retention of a student for up to two additional semesters.

Concluded the time to stay enrolled in the program, and only for the purpose of the exam grade, the Technical Board of the Faculty may authorize a one-time re-enrollment of a student, upon favorable recommendation of the secretary of Research and Graduate Studies.

Meet the stipulated academic load for each quarter with a minimum grade of 8.

Successfully develop the academic activities of the program and those additional that are assigned by the teachers. In case of no to timely meet with planned activities, submit a written justification to the secretary of Research and Graduate Studies, which will evaluate the case to decide what is appropriate.

The secretary of Research and Graduate Studies will determine under what conditions a student may continue in the master when you receive an unfavorable evaluation of their teachers. If the student has a second unfavorable evaluation, will be dropped from the program. In the latter case, the student may request the Technical Board review of their academic status. The resolution of the Technical Council shall be final.

In no event special examinations may be authorized. The secretary of Research and Graduate Studies may establish alternative evaluation mechanisms when, for reasons of force majeure duly justified, a student cannot attend the examinations to which you are entitled. If a student is enrolled twice in an academic activity without accredited, will be dropped from the program. Exceptional cases will be resolved by the Technical Council.

Graduate profile

The graduates of the Master of Public Administration are professionals capable of designing and evaluating public policies, as well as analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various organizational structures to facilitate the implementation and / or evaluation of political, administrative or economical reforms. What distinguishes our graduates is their ability to combine high levels of expertise in the design of public policies with the ability to analyze the political and organizational dynamics of its practical implementation.

Graduates will develop analytical skills and ability to executive decisions, through the teaching of modern techniques of public administration.

They contribute to raise academic standards in higher education, through better preparation and updating of teachers and researchers.

Registration requirements for shifting mastery

The Secretary of Research and Graduate Studies may authorize the change of mastery with a justified request of the student, so that he may choose to obtain the degree of master of another offer in the SIP In this case, the request must be submitted to the Secretariat of Research and Graduate Studies within the first two quarters of their income to the educational program.

Requirements for the master degree

Cover all the credits corresponding to the academic and other requirements in the respective curricula mastery. Develop a thesis when students opt for this form of certification and pass the exam grade will consist of defending it. Must have obtained a favorable opinion of the thesis of at least three of the five jury synod members.

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