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Administration Doctorate


Faced with such rapid and profound changes that has experienced the global environment and our country, the Secretary of Research and Graduate from the Faculty of Accounting and Administration has identified the need to train researchers and professors to provide viable solutions to the problems of our country especially in the hinterland of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua. , In northern Mexico.

The international competitiveness and the opening of Mexico to the world in search of opportunities and the need to modernize domestic industry our country requires a change of mentality and attitude, so the Autonomous University of Chihuahua must assume the role of intellectual leader proposing the Administration Doctorate program with features that compete internationally.


Prepare human resources to conduct original researches, and be train for a higher level teaching and apply a scientific methodology in solving practical problems in organizations.

Profile for Administration Doctorate

Graduates of the Doctoral Program in administration will be able to:

Produce knowledge in original and innovative way in the field of management.

Apply knowledge of effectively and efficiently way to solve problems in organizations.

Prepare and conduct research in the discipline of Management.

Fulfill the role of intellectual leadership in the nation.

Be creative, able to advance scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge and fostering productive administrative systems that contribute to national development.

Program Requirements

Applicant Profile for Administration Doctorate.

An applicant to the program that you want achieve the profile management doctor is required to have a scientific attitude, questioning, innovative and creative high capacity and high intellectual maturity.

The student will select a field of specialization in any of the following areas:


     Human Resource Management


     Information Systems

     Public administration



With the approval of the Senior Advisor, students select the courses that support the respective area and develop an appropriate curriculum.

The requirements are designed to make the study plan are met taking into account the background of the student.

The student will gain a Doctorate in Management after meeting the requirements of the General Rules of Graduate Studies Autonomous University of Chihuahua as well as those specified in the internal regulations of the Ministry of Research and Graduate of the Faculty of accounting and administration.


To access the Convening to click here.

Application for Admission

To access the application and requirements click here.

Costs for 2014 (mexican pesos)

Applicants to the Doctorate

Preparatory course (key 2821) $ 6.715

Students already enrolled in the doctorate

Registration fee (quarterly - rectory) $ 1.300

Accident insurance and cultural card (quarterly) $ 265

Each subject-is-two subjects (quarterly) recommend $ 5.405

More Info

M.S.I. and M. A. Arroyo René Avila

Doctorate Department .

Faculty of Accounting and Administration

Autonomous University of Chihuahua

Phone: 614  4-42-00-60 ext. 6624


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